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Latino and Hispanic American

Hispanic Americans are Americans of Spanish-speaking descent. Many Hispanic Americans are the descendants of Mexican people who lived in the Southwest when it became part of the United States. Almost all other Hispanic Americans or their ancestors migrated to the United States from Latin America. The three largest Hispanic groups in the United States are Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, and Cuban Americans. As a group, Hispanic Americans represent a mixture of several ethnic backgrounds, including European, American Indian, and African.

Most Hispanic Americans speak English but continue to use Spanish as well. As Spanish-speakers, they form the largest language minority in the United States. In addition to their language, Hispanic Americans have preserved many other traditions of their homelands. The foods, music, clothing styles, and architecture of these countries have greatly influenced U.S. culture.

Hispanic Americans are also called Latinos, because most are of Latin American origin. Many Hispanic people in the United States describe themselves simply as Americans. Others, however, identify themselves with their cultural or national background and refer to themselves as Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cuban Americans, and so on. Members of some groups use special names to describe themselves. For example, some Mexican Americans call themselves Chicanos, and some Puerto Ricans who live in New York City refer to themselves as Nuyoricans or Boriquas.

Like other minorities, Hispanic Americans have suffered from discrimination in jobs, housing, and education. Some Hispanics are also hampered by not having skills that are important for competing in U.S. society. For example, many new Hispanic immigrants cannot speak or understand English. Discrimination and the lack of such skills have contributed to a high rate of unemployment-and, consequently, a high rate of poverty-among Hispanics. Although millions of Hispanic Americans have overcome these obstacles, many others remain in poverty.

Source: Hispanic Americans

Here is a list of famous Hispanic American people, their biographies, and pictures. Some of these are admirable Latinas who went beyond conquering race and gender discrimination to reach the top positions in their fields.

Famous Hispanic American Biographies

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