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Heritage Hispanic American Style

Book Description

Heritage Hispanic-American Style is a rich, entertaining cultural compendium of facts in a bilingual format that surveys the vast Hispanic culture, from its birthplace in Spain to the lands of the new world where its language, religion, and customs have greatly influenced two continents.

An estimated 400 million people officially speak Spanish in twenty countries, from Spain to the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central and South America. Thirty-seven million Hispanic Americans constitute the largest minority group in the United States.

Though in many parts of the United States, fluent Spanish has become an advantage and even a necessity on one’s resume, much of the Hispanic culture has been overlooked. Heritage Hispanic-American Style, in its easy-to-read bilingual question and answer format, sheds light on this multi-faceted culture and its many contributions to western civilization.

Each of the 1001 fact-filled questions is an invitation for further research, and provides an enjoyable opportunity to enrich the reader’s Spanish language skills. Topics are fully indexed, with more than 1,650 entries.

Cada una de las 1001 preguntas detalladas invita al lector a estudiar más y le ofrece además una oportunidad agradable de aumentar sus habilidades linguïsticas con respecto al dominio del idioma español. Todos los temas se incluyen en el índice, y hay más de 1.650 entradas.

About the Author

For the last twenty-eight years, Leon J. Radomile has been a businessman and entrepreneur. Over the last four years he has begun writing and publishing his own material and is the author/publisher of the best selling book, Heritage Italian-American Style. Born in Philadelphia in 1949 of Italian parents, he was raised and educated in the San Francisco area with a degree in History from the University of San Francisco in 1972. Happily married to his wife Lanette since 1975, he has two daughters, Lea Linda and Alexandra Marie.

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