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Hispanic American Hero

Hispanic American War Heroes

In Silvis, Illinois, just west of Chicago, stands a momument to eight heroes of Mexican-American descent who gave their lives in defense of this nation. The monument is a street once named Second Street U.S.A. It is not much of a street in size - just one and a half blocks long. The street is muddy with rain in the spring, slick with snow in the winter, and hazy with dust in the summer. Joe Gomez earned a Silver Star.

Joe Gomez , Peter Masias, Johnny Munos, Tony Pompa, Frank Sandoval, Joseph Sandoval, William Sandoval, Claro Soliz grew up together on this small street in a very close knit environment working for the railroad, as did their fathers who came from Mexico years before.

They went to war without hesitation, even though their streets were not paved and the citizens of Silvis chose to ignore the docile, hard working Mexicans on the edge of town.

They never came back. The men from the 22 families on this block who participated in World War II, Korea and Vietnam totals 84.

In World War II and Korea, 57 men went from this street. The two Sandoval families sent thirteen; six from one family; seven from the other. three Sandoval sons did not come back.

This street reportedly contributed more men, to military service in two wars--World War II and Korea--than any other place of comparable size in the United States.

Hero Street U.S.A. stands alone in American military history.

Source: Hero Street

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